2013 Yearnotes

5 January 2014

Last year began with the realisation that as a Polish citizen it was going to be very hard for me to get a US working visa. I missed out on participating in a great secret project, but was looking forward to taking the whole ofJanuary off to have some space to think about things. In the end I never did, because I got tempted to work with my favourite clients on fun projects. Taking holidays is hard when you’re your own boss.

Cables, radars and telescopes

11 September 2013

Apart from an impressive collection of meteorological instruments, Chilbolton Observatory is home to one part of the huge LOFAR connected telescope.

BOAT LIFT!!!1!one

16 June 2013

I visited Falkirk in May as I was heading to Crieff for Scottish Ruby Conference. I was staying over at my friend’s place in Falkirk, so naturally I asked him about interesting things I might want to see while there, and he told me there wasn’t anything. And then he casually remebered the boat lift.

DIY games console

8 February 2013

I got today one of Jason’s awesome lo-fi games console kits. Each console is tiny (smaller than Raspberry Pi), has five push buttons and lets you play games on an 8 by 8 pixel screen. Brilliant.

Samson and Goliath

3 January 2013

Samson and Goliath are huge shipbuilding gantry cranes in Belfast. I have fallen in love with them as soon as I saw them because they remind me of my home town, Szczecin. Szczecin’s shipyard also had two huge yellow gantry cranes towering over the city, always there in the background to orientate yourself by.

Hello 2013

1 January 2013

2012 started off well – I had a great job I enjoyed, working with Webponce. We spent plenty of time on non-commercial and speculative projects. I had the best job title (Near-Futures Explorer, since you ask), awesome boss, and flexible working practices.

First one down

10 December 2012

I’ve run my first session of Creative Coding workshop with 2nd year Design students at Goldsmiths today. I wanted to give the group a good intro to web technologies, because apart from them being useful for making cool things with I am convinced most people will need them at one point or another.

Code Club Raspberry Pi hack day

8 December 2012

Today I went to Code Club’s Raspberry Pi hack day. The aim is to create some projects Code Club students could do with Rasberry Pis in their schools. I had to leave early, so I have utterly failed at making a cool project, I have however filled plenty of balloons with helium (probably the most important job of the day).

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