Playing with image layouts

27 July 2015

I was interested in image layouts that don’t necessarily have a hierarchical structure (something that one of the Indexhibit’s grid layouts did very well).

Citizen Ex

9 June 2015

I worked with James Bridle to build browser extensions that let you look at your browsing habits just like the algorithms of surveillance agencies do.

Accidentally sharing too much

17 March 2015

The fact that multiple people can use a single object to input data into separate accounts is smart, but the way permissions are handled lacks an understanding of how people live.

Recording in Progress

14 February 2015

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Recording in Progress, but I had a vague idea of what goes on when people get together to record an album. Granted, it’s an unusual album, given that the musicians are working in a room fitted with a one-way glass in an art gallery, but I had a rough idea what it might be like.

2014 Yearnotes

12 January 2015

I realised at the beginning of last year that I had become too comfortable with my job and craved a new challenge, so in April I left Makeshift to become a freelancer again.

My favourite books of 2014

1 January 2015

In 2014 I managed to mostly read books on a theme of making technology, and how it expresses our values.

Why can't you track periods in Apple's Health app?

26 September 2014

Apple has released a new version of iOS, which includes the Health app. Health is meant to be a central place where you can get an overview of your health and fitness, with data provided either by third-party apps, the Health app itself, or manually by the user.


5 August 2014

I don’t often have the opportunity to play with the latest browser technologies in client projects, unless they’re quick prototypes. When Artangel approached me about a project bringing Paul Pfeiffer’s work to the Space I realised that it would be best done using the Web Audio API. At the time, the Web Audio API was so new that the day I began building the prototype Mozilla shipped a way of inspecting the audio nodes in Firefox Aurora for the first time.

The Startup Game

16 July 2014

Stories of startups are most often told using superlatives. These are stories of founders dedicating themselves to a single idea, prepared to risk it all for a chance of success. Teams putting in extraordinary effort: their sweat, late nights, and swapping socialising outside of work for obsessively improving their products.

Goodbye Flickr

1 June 2014

Last year I felt an itch to start saving my digital records from obliteration next time a service I use gets shut down or sold. For ages I’ve been thinking of dipping the toe in the world of hosting all my own data. paralell-flickr by Aaron Straup Cope sounded like a good project to try.

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