2017 Yearnotes

29 December 2017

Geopolitically 2017 was annus horribilis, but for me personally it was the best year of my life.

2016 Yearnotes

1 January 2017

In 2016 I turned thirty. It was nice to open a new arbitrary chapter in my life.

The 3D printing revolution has already happened, but not in your home

18 December 2016

It takes a long time to develop 3D printing skills, and it takes a long time to prototype objects from the first try to the refined, usable version. Lots of specialist knowledge is required. It’s not just ambitious, but unrealistic to expect that in every household there is someone prepared to put in all that work in their spare time, just to avoid having to buy the finished object instead.

Why Flyknit is really cool

18 September 2016

“Why Flyknit is really cool” was a short talk I gave at a conference called Interesting, in September 2016.

2015 Yearnotes

19 January 2016

Last year’s note starts with a sentence about craving new challenges and quitting my job. This year, I craved new challenges and started a studio. But let’s backtrack a bit.

My favourite books of 2015

16 January 2016

I managed to finish thirty three books before the clock struck midnight. I read more fiction that the previous year, thanks to a single book purchased on a whim. It reminded me how much I enjoy reading books that take me into a different world and are absolutely not work related.

Big Bang Data

20 December 2015

If you find yourself with a little bit of spare time around the holidays, you should go to Somerset House to see Big Bang Data.

Launching Buckley Williams

29 October 2015

Today Dan Williams and I are launching our tiny studio, exploring the future through research and prototyping.

Contributoria is closing down

1 September 2015

Contributoria’s focus was always on the writers. I am very proud to have worked on a product that helped journalists to get paid to write the stories that they were interested in.