South by South East

If you live in or near Brighton, September is going to be like Christmas. No, wait, it’s going to be better than Christmas.

From 3rd of September you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve suddenly found yourself in the middle of South by South… er… East*. Monday kicks off with Reasons to be Creative, a 3 day conference/festival for artists, designers and coders.

It’s followed by Improving Reality on Thursday, a one day conference discussing how new technologies change our understanding of the world.

After Improving Reality we’ve got Brighton SF on Thursday evening, a panel discussion and readings from leading SF authors.

Then on Friday it’s dConstruct: this year’s theme is “Playing With The Future”.

On Saturday the 8th Brighton Mini Maker Faire opens its doors. It’s a one day celebration of all things made: arts, crafts, robotics, engineering, woodwork, electronics, science music and more. Last year’s Faire was so well received it has expanded a bit. This year we will have some speaking sessions from makers who will lift the lid on their creative process.

Speakers include Alice Taylor (also at Improving Reality), Matt Webb, Leila Johnston (speaking at Improving Reality), Code Club, Tom Armitage (also speaking at dConstruct), and students from Cavendish School and Dorothy Stringer. It’s a free event starting at 3pm in the Founders Room of the Brighton Dome, so come in early to make sure you get a seat. Oh, did I mention it was free? Don’t miss it. More details here.

*) I blame @honorharger for this terrible joke.