A few days ago I saw this tweet.

I wish poetry occurred spontaneously

Internet identities were on my mind for a while. Most services we use require signing up, some with your real-life name and address, forbidding you from creating multiple personas for multiple facets of your personality. Having to prove who I am every time I want to talk to friends is a bit exactly like having to show my papers every time I speak, and having it logged by a third party.

Watch moot talk about these issues. He’s really inspiring, and I completely agree with him: we need more choices in how our identities are represented.

I wish there were more spaces where you didn’t have to create and maintain a persona. 4chan is just one example and I appreciate that some people may not like what goes on there. So in an attempt to redress the balance at least a tiny bit I made Poetrybin.

The premise is simple: there are no identities, no user accounts. You can post a poem, but you cannot edit or delete it. That’s it.