Hi, I’m Nat Buckley, also known as ntlk, and this is my blog.

I keep a notebook of snippets, photos, recipes and drawings on tumblr. My tilde.club page has a list of books I recently read.

Recently I co-ran a product design studio called Buckley Williams. My portfolio lives on a separate site.

Please use the singular they pronoun (they/them/their) when speaking about me in the third person.

2018 Yearnotes

13 January 2019

Time for the annual tradition of dusting off my blog to reflect on the year gone by.

2017 Yearnotes

29 December 2017

Geopolitically 2017 was annus horribilis, but for me personally it was the best year of my life.

2016 Yearnotes

1 January 2017

In 2016 I turned thirty. It was nice to open a new arbitrary chapter in my life.

The 3D printing revolution has already happened, but not in your home

18 December 2016

It takes a long time to develop 3D printing skills, and it takes a long time to prototype objects from the first try to the refined, usable version. Lots of specialist knowledge is required. It’s not just ambitious, but unrealistic to expect that in every household there is someone prepared to put in all that work in their spare time, just to avoid having to buy the finished object instead.
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