Hi, I’m ntlk, and this is my blog.

I keep a notebook of snippets, photos, recipes and drawings on tumblr. My tilde.club page has a list of books I recently read.

My portfolio lives on a separate site.

Please use the singular they pronoun (they/them/their) when speaking about me in the third person.

Playing with image layouts

27 July 2015

I was interested in image layouts that don’t necessarily have a hierarchical structure (something that one of the Indexhibit’s grid layouts did very well).

Citizen Ex

9 June 2015

I worked with James Bridle to build browser extensions that let you look at your browsing habits just like the algorithms of surveillance agencies do.

Accidentally sharing too much

17 March 2015

The fact that multiple people can use a single object to input data into separate accounts is smart, but the way permissions are handled lacks an understanding of how people live.
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